Perhentian demi perhentian,
Menelaah sejenak
segalanya yang dapat kupetik.
Namun tidak pernahkah
terlintas di benakku
untuk menyempatkan , menanam?
Menanam dan menyirami
bibit-bibit yang dapat
meninggalkan jejak .
Selalu memetik ,
tak pernah menanam.
Hendaknya itu yang harus kuhindari.


Ada yang Salah

Ketika mimpi lebih indah
dari realita.
Mungkin ada yang salah,
dengan caramu menyulam
benang-benang kehidupan.
Tetapi pernah salah ,
menjadikanmu tahu.
Ketika kamu tahu , kamu pun
belajar. Belajar untuk tidak
mengulangi kesalahan yang sama.
Benang-benang itu bisa jadi
sekarang semerawut.
Bukan berarti kelak tidak bisa menjadi
suatu rajutan indah yang layak
kamu banggakan.


Time slips away,
it doesn’t care
whether you are prepared
or not.
Time goes in an instant,
it doesn’t give a damn
if your heart was intact
or not.
Time is a devil,
but you can’t treat it as one.
You have to tread it
gently,then you
might understand better
how to cheat time.

a good omen

longing to extremely care
about other human being
That special being who could fill your mind space
the most.
growing furiously.
It should be a good omen
and not a curse.

Monsters in Disguise

Regrets, they eat you up.
Like a sea , it calls you to go to it.
Then it swallows you.
You’re drowning.
You lose oxygen.
You couldn’t breath.
Then you wonder whether to give up or not.
Maybe you should.
Darkness is what’s left anyway.
aren’t they monsters in disguise?

One Sudden Notice

“At first, it didn’t feel right.
Several times later, still ,
awkwardness. Lingering on.
then it prolonged ‘till I fell into the hole.
the one I’ve created. from fear.
The hands reaching out were dejected.
but the smiles given were there,
and I was reassured , outside the hole
was a good place.
All was too late.
I couldn’t climbed up. the hole became
one familiar place. it was my shield.”

I knew I became the invisible girl that I was in your last two years of high school.
but all the smiles and kindness (and understanding) all of you had for me , I was beyond grateful for them.
I wish you all millions of laughter and love in your days to come.
I wish you and your loved ones always with great and magnificent health.
May you never stop transforming dreams to reality.


Tu risa que aun no lo escucho.
Tus ojos que lo he visto en mi sueño.
Parece tan real,
mi cerebro admite sus existencias.
La derrota ,
todo por la culpa del tiempo.
No nos cruzamos ,
no sabemos los latidos de cada uno.
Your laughter , that I haven’t heard.
Your eyes , that I’ve seen in my dream
Seems so real,
my brain recognizes its existence.
The defeat,
it’s all fault of the time.
We haven’t crossed our way,
we haven’t known our each other’s beats.