The price of focus

In a world full of distractions,we’ve been out of reach with ‘focus’.
Millions things to do,millions stuff to buy and another kind of millions are right in front of our eyes.
Overwhelmed might be one of the explanation why ‘focus’ hasn’t been in everyone’s habit.
Suddenly we’re at a different kind of century. The world becomes borderless with the possibility of internet.
Now most of us believe we could be one different generation with this exceptional tool.We believe we could do any impossible dreams that no one’s ever dare to dream before.
What’s new about achieving the impossible ? Millions have done it before the era of globalization.
One thing that’s certainly new,it’s a bigger and tougher challenge for us in this age of information.
It’s harder for us now to stay focus in a big ugly pool of distractions.
It’s easier for us now to live in a bubble where we’re creating our own perfect world while we’re ignoring others.
Whether it’s hard or easy , it’d never be the end of it.
The end of it is in our hand.


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