Monsters in Disguise

Regrets, they eat you up.
Like a sea, it invites you for a swim.
Then it swallows you.
You’re drowning.
You lose oxygen.
You couldn’t breath.
Then you wonder whether to give up or not.
Maybe you should.
Darkness is what’s left anyway.
aren’t they monsters in disguise?


One Sudden Notice

“At first, it didn’t feel right.
Several times later, still ,
awkwardness. Lingering on.
then it prolonged ‘till I fell into the hole.
the one I’ve created. from fear.
The hands reaching out were dejected.
but the smiles given were there,
and I was reassured , outside the hole
was a good place.
All was too late.
I couldn’t climbed up. the hole became
one familiar place. it was my shield.”

I knew I became the invisible girl that I was in your last two years of high school.
but all the smiles and kindness (and understanding) all of you had for me , I was beyond grateful for them.
I wish you all millions of laughter and love in your days to come.
I wish you and your loved ones always with great and magnificent health.
May you never stop transforming dreams to reality.


Tu risa que aun no lo escucho.
Tus ojos que lo he visto en mi sueño.
Parece tan real,
mi cerebro admite sus existencias.
La derrota ,
todo por la culpa del tiempo.
No nos cruzamos ,
no sabemos los latidos de cada uno.
Your laughter , that I haven’t heard.
Your eyes , that I’ve seen in my dream
Seems so real,
my brain recognizes its existence.
The defeat,
it’s all fault of the time.
We haven’t crossed our way,
we haven’t known our each other’s beats.

Kau sebut hal sepele ini
Penderitaan itu
bertarung hidup & mati dengan penyakit.
Penderitaan itu
tiada tempat berteduh & berlindung dari dingin,
acuh dengan asupan mulut
yang tak terpenuhi.
Did you say this trivial thing
as a hardship?
Hardship is
fighting between live and death with a disease
Hardship is
having no shelter and way to avoid the freezing cold,
ignoring your stomach unfulfilled request.
Decías que estas cosas triviales
son sufrimiento?
El sufrimiento es
luchar de vida y muerte con una enfermedad
El sufrimiento es
no tener lugar y manera para alejarse de frío,
ignorar el frustrado pedido del estomago.

It seems like a mess
It seems irreparable
Yet being delusional
is the only way
to keep it moving & going.


Todo parece un caos
Todo parece irremediable
pero ser delusivo
es la única manera
para que todo se marche adelante.


Semua terlihat berantakan
Semua terlihat sulit untuk diperbaiki
namun hanyalah ilusi
yang dapat membuat semua terus berjalan.


In the thick of superstructures,
lied a pup with her hands tied.
A winsome couple picked her up,
and brought her home unfalteringly.
Home wasn’t the only thing given
The twosome present her with :
Unforeseen strength and virtue ,
prime familiarity ,
and no end of merriment.
Initiated with a twinge of sorrow,
now the pup could dissolve
from the storm.
A sublime rebound , solely conceivable
by the greathearted pair.

The price of focus

In a world full of distractions,we’ve been out of reach with ‘focus’.
Millions things to do,millions stuff to buy and another kind of millions are right in front of our eyes.
Overwhelmed might be one of the explanation why ‘focus’ hasn’t been in everyone’s habit.
Suddenly we’re at a different kind of century. The world becomes borderless with the possibility of internet.
Now most of us believe we could be one different generation with this exceptional tool.We believe we could do any impossible dreams that no one’s ever dare to dream before.
What’s new about achieving the impossible ? Millions have done it before the era of globalization.
One thing that’s certainly new,it’s a bigger and tougher challenge for us in this age of information.
It’s harder for us now to stay focus in a big ugly pool of distractions.
It’s easier for us now to live in a bubble where we’re creating our own perfect world while we’re ignoring others.
Whether it’s hard or easy , it’d never be the end of it.
The end of it is in our hand.