a good omen

longing to extremely care
about other human being
That special being who could fill your mind space
the most.
growing furiously.
It should be a good omen
and not a curse.


Monsters in Disguise

Regrets, they eat you up.
Like a sea, it invites you for a swim.
Then it swallows you.
You’re drowning.
You lose oxygen.
You couldn’t breath.
Then you wonder whether to give up or not.
Maybe you should.
Darkness is what’s left anyway.
aren’t they monsters in disguise?


In the thick of superstructures,
lied a pup with her hands tied.
A winsome couple picked her up,
and brought her home unfalteringly.
Home wasn’t the only thing given
The twosome present her with :
Unforeseen strength and virtue ,
prime familiarity ,
and no end of merriment.
Initiated with a twinge of sorrow,
now the pup could dissolve
from the storm.
A sublime rebound , solely conceivable
by the greathearted pair.